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Product Marketing Leader

Hi, I’m Chad! I help HR, Ed Tech, MarTech, and Assessment & Credentialing companies launch great products and enter new markets.

Skills and Services

I Strategize

I have 20+ years launching new brands and products. I’ve even created my own GTM framework!

I Name

I’ve named over a dozen successful companies, products, and concepts over my career.

I Write

I write copy that helps brands communicate with their authentic voice and generate leads.

Sample Projects

Critical Thinking E-book

From websites to e-books to surveys, assets I’ve created have opened the door to millions of dollars in opportunities for sales teams, including this critical thinking e-book.

Professional Skills Certificate

A lot goes into creating a new product. At PAN (acquired by PSI Services), I led the development and launch of AmIJobReady, a 16-skill certificate adopted by over 30 colleges.

Remote Work Influencer Campaign

In the summer of 2020, I interviewed 30 top HR, Workplace, and Civic leaders and created this early look at what a remote workplace would look like. It was shared over 1000 times!

Physician CME By State

Doctors and nurses need to complete a certain number of continuing medical education credits to keep their licenses up to date. I worked with a designer to create this fun guide!

“Chad was instrumental in the growth of our company with his unique blend of product planning skills, sales ability, and marketing insight.”


“Chad is one of those rare Marketing executives who can work seamlessly with any division within your company and make it better.”


“His strategies are astute, he understands the nuances of the talent management industry, and his work is always creative.”


Let’s launch something great together

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