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About Chad

My Story

Living with teenagers isn’t the easiest – but it does give me a birds eye view of tomorrow’s workforce.

I care deeply about the educational and job opportunities my kids will have and this drives me in my career! For over 15 years, I’ve run global Marketing teams and built powerful lead generation systems. I’ve been VP of Marketing for Talview, an AI-powered recruitment startup, managing teams in Asia and California. Before that, I was VP of Global Marketing for PSI Services, the industry leader in talent assessment and certification in over 50 careers. Previously, I led product marketing for divisions of Pearson Education and Relias Healthcare. Today, I help clients generate leads through creative content marketing and outreach to target prospects.

Gen Z Recruiting Speaker

I’ve hired and managed over 40 young marketers and client-facing staff in my career – SEO experts, bloggers, web designers, product managers, account managers, SDRs, and automation experts. I’d love to speak at your next event about what I’ve learned motivates today’s “job consumer.”

Global Perspective

I’ve directed teams in the US, UK, France, the Netherlands, India, and Australia.

FTSE & Startup Experience

I’ve worked for leading companies and venture-backed startups.

Assessments & AI User

I’m a big fan of behavioral, sales, and leadership assessments and AI tools.