I help companies reach their dream prospects through highly targeted content and campaigns.

PAN Global Site

I led the team that rebranded pre-hire testing powerhouse PAN’s site and product line to give us a stronger USP around the candidate process. The site gave three main calls-to-action corresponding with our products and it was a vital source of sign-ups. We were acquired by PSI Services.

Talview Site

When classes went virtual in 2020, Talview experienced a surge in inquiries for its remote proctoring solution. I was the lead copywriter and project owner on Talview’s site to market its dual mission of helping organizations and schools hire faster and conduct online exams more securely.

Critical Thinking E-book

I crafted Pearson’s message for its Critical Thinking training line by asking “How do you become a Critical Thinking organization from the frontline to the boardroom?” This e-book was downloaded thousands of times and helped T&D teams see how impactful the training could be.

Remote Hiring Trends Survey

With Covid-19 accelerating everyone’s transformation to remote work, I explored the key trends talent leaders and recruiters expected to see in 2021. I co-led the development and promotion of an email and social survey answered by 145 companies including Amazon, Disney, and Zoom.

Professional Skills Launch

I led the team that built and launched “Am I Job Ready?”, a professional skills curriculum for students and job seekers offering modules in areas such as innovation, creative thinking, and coping with pressure. Over 30 schools and workforce agencies signed up in the first year.

Sales Training GTM Pitch

I researched opportunities in the sales enablement and training market for a top east coast HR tech company. After delivering my research, I write the copy for their coming website and built a 180-day go-to-market plan that included a USP, event calendar, and lead generation goals.

Online Bookstore Launch

University Readers (now Cognella) is a print-on-demand and digital textbook company that counts hundreds of professors as clients. I created this client onboarding guide to walk professors and department coordinators through the service.

Company Sales Deck

I wrote and created this company sales deck for PSI’s sales teams to use in the field. It brought together everything we did with high-level details without overwhelming prospects, and it introduced our new capabilities after multiple acquisitions.

“What Chad does is simply brilliant.
He both builds the strategy and executes it flawlessly.”