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Some of the brands, products, and content marketing pieces I’ve helped launch

Pre-Hire Testing

I led the team that refreshed pre-hire testing powerhouse PAN’s brand and product line to give us a stronger USP around a single sign-on to all of your employee assessment data. We increased lead flow by 200% and were later acquired by PSI Services.

Video Interviewing App

When hiring went virtual in 2020, Talview experienced a surge in interest in its remote hiring & proctoring solutions. I led the development of Talview’s new messaging and branding to help clients hire faster and conduct online exams more securely.

Critical Thinking E-book

I crafted Pearson’s message “How do you become a Critical Thinking organization from the frontline to the boardroom?” This e-book was downloaded thousands of times and helped HR teams see how our training could elevate its business results.

Remote Hiring Trends Survey

With Covid accelerating the transformation to remote work, I explored key trends talent leaders expected to see in 2021. I co-led the development of an email and survey answered by 145 companies including Amazon, Disney, and Zoom.

Job Skills Certificate

I led the development, branding, and launch of “AmIJobReady?”, a 16-skill job prep certificate adopted by over 30 colleges teaching innovation, reliability, coping with pressure, and other key workplace skills.

The popularity of a nursing career grew 300% from 2010-2020 and was there to help prospective, new, and accomplished nurses get more out of their career. I helped run the business behind the popular site.

New Product Line

I helped assessment company, Caliper, re-think how to communicate its product line when it pivoted to an increased focus on assessing and developing sales teams. This was one of the product line roadmap visualizations I created.

Greeting Card Service

In 2010, I created a greeting card service for salespeople! It let sales reps easily send a printed card with a personalized note to prospects or clients after a call. We mailed a few thousand cards and generated buzz in sales magazines.

“What Chad does is simply brilliant.
He both builds the strategy and executes it flawlessly.”