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  • Changyou Zhan, Ph.D Professor

    • Fudan University Ph.D
    • Harvard Univeristy, Postdoc Fellow
    • MIT Langer Lab,Postdoc Fellow
    • Fudan University, Professor/Ph.D supervisor
    • The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars
    • Distinguished expert in LNP medicine
    • 1,000 Talents Program

    The Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education,The Shanghai Natural Science Award and more.

    Team leader of Shanghai biomacromolecule drug research and development.

    Professor Zhan has been deeply engaged in the basic and translational medicine research of lipid nanomedicine for a long time, and has achieved a number of innovative research results in the fields of lipid nanomedicine in vivo process and interaction mechanism with the body, personalized and accurate delivery of lipid nanomedicine in vivo, and quality control and evaluation of lipid nanomedicine. Up to now, it has applied for 23 patents, 5 PCTS, 6 licenses, 3 conversion and transfer, and published more than 100 SCI papers

    2022, Youth Science Award by the Ministry of Education
    2021, National Natural Science Foundation Distinguished Young Scholars Program
    2019, China Pharmaceutical Association - Innovent Biologics Youth Award
    2018, Outstanding Discipline Leader of the Shanghai Health and Family Planning System
    2018, Daiichi Sankyo Scholarship
    2017, Second Prize of the Natural Science Award by the Ministry of Education
    2016, Second Prize of the Shanghai Natural Science Award
    2014, Second Prize of the Science and Technology Award by the Chinese Pharmaceutical

    • Wang H#,*, Lin S#, Wu X#, Jiang K, Lu H, Zhan C*. Interplay between Liposomes and IgM: Principles, Challenges, and Opportunities. Adv Sci 2023, e2301777. (IF 17.521)
    • Ban Y#, Chu Y#, Pan F, Guo Z, Yang Y, Wei X, Li G, Qian J, Zhan C*, Zhang J*, Tang L*. Lipid-based Nanocarriers Enabled Oral Delivery of Oleanolic Acid Derivative DKS26 for Diabetes Management. Adv Health Mater 2023, 28, e2300639. (IF 11.092)
    • Chen T#, Pan F#, Luo G#, Jiang K, Wang H, Ding T, Li W*, Zhan C*, Wei X*. Morphology-driven protein corona manipulation for preferential delivery of lipid nanodiscs. Nano Today 2022, 46, 101609. (IF 18.962)
    • Wang H#, Lin S#, Wang S, Jiang Z, Ding T, Wei X, Lu Y, Yang F, Zhan C*. Folic Acid Enables Targeting Delivery of Lipodiscs by Circumventing IgM-Mediated Opsonization. Nano Lett 2022, 22, 16, 6516–6522. (IF 12.262)
    • Jiang Z#, Chu Y#, Zhan C*. Protein corona: challenges and opportunities for targeted delivery of nanomedicines. Expert Opin Drug Deliv 2022, 19(7):833-846. (IF 8.129)
    • Gao X*, Xu J, Yao T, Liu X, Zhang H, Zhan C*. Peptide-decorated nanocarriers penetrating the blood-brain barrier for imaging and therapy of brain diseases. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2022, 187:114362. (IF 17.873)
    • Zhang X#, Tang W#, Wen H, Wu E, Ding T, Gu J, Lv Z*, Zhan C*. Evaluation of CTB-sLip for Targeting Lung Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer. Pharmaceutics 2022, 14 (4):868. (IF 6.321)
    • Jiang K, Fan X, Hu Y, Yao S, Liu Y, Zhan C*, Lu W, Wei G*. Topical instillation of cell-penetrating peptide-conjugated melphalan blocks metastases of retinoblastoma. Biomaterials 2022, 284:121493. (IF 12.479)
    • Yang Y#, Long K#, Wang Y#, Li L, Shi J, Liu J, Kong L, Yu L, Ding J, Huang Z*, Wang W*, Zhan C*. NIR Light-triggered Quantitative Pulsed Drug Release. Adv Healthc Mater 2022, 11(8):e2102362. (IF 9.93)
    • Tang W#, Zhang Z#, Li C#, Chu Y, Qian J, Ying T*, Lu W*, Zhan C*. Facile Separation of PEGylated Liposomes Enabled by Anti-PEG scFv. Nano Lett 2021, 21(23):10107-10113. (IF 11.19)
    • Yang M, Wu E, Tang W, Qian J, Zhan C*. Interplay between nanomedicines and protein corona. J Mater Chem B 2021, 9(34):6713-6727. (IF 6.33)
    • Long K#, Yang Y#, Lv W, Jiang K, Li Y, Lo A, Lam W, Zhan C*, Wang W*. Green light-triggered intraocular drug release for intravenous chemotherapy of retinoblastoma. Adv Sci 2021: e2101754. (IF 16.81)
    • Tian M, Xing R, Guan J, Yang B, Zhao X, Yang J, Zhan C*, Zhang S*. A Nanoantidote Alleviates Glioblastoma Chemotoxicity without Efficacy Compromise. Nano Lett 2021, 21(12):5158-5166. (IF 11.19)
    • Jiang Z, Liu J, Guan J, Wang H, Ding T, Qian J*, Zhan C*. Self-adjuvant Effect by Manipulating Bio-nano Interface of Liposome-based Nanovaccines. Nano Lett 2021, 21(11):4744-52. (IF 11.19)
    • Guan J#, Wu E#, Jin P, Hou S, Qian J, Lu W, Yu B, Zhan C*. Interrogating preclinical study of liposomes: The effect of mouse strain reexamined. J Control Release 2021, 334:178-187. (IF 9.78)
    • Guan J#, Chen W#, Yang M, Wu E, Qian J, Zhan C*. Regulation of in vivo delivery of nanomedicines by herbal medicines. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2021, 174: 210-228. (IF 15.47)
    • Chu Y#, Tang W#, Zhang Z*, Li C, Qian J, Wei X, Ying T, Lu W, Zhan C*. Deciphering protein corona by scFv-based affinity chromatography. Nano Lett 2021, 21 (5): 2124-2131. (IF 11.19)
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